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Rain falls softly, steadily
Nature is stilled by its song
Lulled asleep by the cool whisper
Of wet wind through wet leaves.
With dry, airborne dust
Lofty expectations fall
And dreams precipitate…
Somehow all are mixed
In the mud at my feet.
All that was once dissipated
All that was in disarray
Is now gathered like a child
Under the protective grey cloak
Of the maternity of rain-
A maternity which nurtures new life
Within its misty caress.
All complexities disappear
In the humble simplicity of water.
My tears merge with raindrops,
And are consumed by thirsty torrents:
Hurried streams that brush by my legs.
Their cold tongues lick my shivering form.
I feel like a foreigner to this landscape,
I wonder if the streams can taste my trepidation
When they encounter my warmth
Intruding upon this Kingdom of the Cold.
Dissolved with my tears
Are the sorrows they symbolised
Too pure a universe surrounds me
For me to rob this virgin world
Of its child-like ignorance
Of human disaccor
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Dark Night
So much pain,
Ideas do violence to my mind.
Until, raw and bleeding,
It cries out in despair.
Forced to know lies,
Forced to love unlove,
Where is there respite
For my confused soul?
I seek a peace
That constantly eludes me,
I seek a hope
That seems mere fantasy.
Ever seeking firm ground
On which I can build;
A reference point from which
I can begin my journey to God.
Greys now make me nauseous,
Though once they seemed novel,
Now I recognize them
As demons refusing to take form.
I desire ever so much
To be absorbed
Into the pure white of my God.
I desire to know evil from good,
Sin from virtue,
Feed my mind with reality
Rather than intellectual illusions.
Who can I turn to,
To be a trustworthy guide?
Am I to walk this Earth
Ever alone?
My God promised to walk with me,
But I do not know his voice.
Can someone teach me
What it sounds like?
My only solace is my imagination,
Where I dream up a God
That puts his hand on my shoulder,
Kisses my forehead
And encourages me to persevere.
But the
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How can one reclaim a dream?
Is there a glue,
That can join hope’s broken shards?
I was being brave,
I was holding my head high.
My hope was in Jesus,
My smile for Him alone,
Someone dared enter
This intimate universe,
And stole my smile.
The fragile hope I held
In my hands,
Shaking with timidity
Above a void of despair.
He unbalanced this beautiful crystal,
Which fell into a confusion of splinters.
Simple truths vanish from their home
In the solidarity of my heart.
Who am I?
Regality falls from my shoulders,
My princess’ robe disappears
In the cold light
Of a harsher world.
So exposed, before such terror:
Eyes that demand to be met,
Forcing me to look away from my Jesus.
Words that pierce my heart,
Which had closed in peaceful meditation
Of future happiness.
So strange a paradox…
My heart heaves,
Like it is heavy with love.
But the only desire I have is to run…
To run far from here,
And cry on God’s shoulder.
Indeed my heart is heavy,
Because of a dee
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Childhood memories,
Like a collage
Of formless Shapes
Carefully glued
With parental love
Where least secure.
Awkward, in sticky mire
Of dependencies,
While navigating
That obstacle course
Of geometric complexities:
Where Shape sides meet.
Defined not by lines…
Colour-coded experiences.
Bright hues, bands
In the rainbow of youth.
One Shape was your face:
A bright colour were you.
Bright, bright as a sun
Colouring my experiences.
Sometimes hidden…
Your absence, a night
That would succumb
To the solar surety
Of another dawning.
Celestial body,
Jewel in my heart,
Sure to shine the brightest
When times are dark.
Your presence in my life
A universal, eternal constant,
Like the speed of light:
Like the frequency,
Wavelength of the hue,
The colour, the experience
That is always you.
Looking now at that collage
It’s beauty I measure
The large place where you are,
I count among my treasures.
The texture of this artpiece,
Studded with Your tears:
Now jewels
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'God's Love'
I am a bad child, Father
Look, I have fallen
My hands bear the mud
That now soils my soul.
You know me intimately,
You see my sin.
My hard heart softens
Under your merciful gaze.
I see sorrow in Your eyes.
As I trail fresh tears
Up Your beautiful face
I realise they are not the first.
Anguish is gathered on Your brow,
Like storm clouds, they persist
I see the rain trickle down Your face…
In Your eyes, the mist.
Oh how I have grieved You!
The pain that inhabits Your face…
Its encampments span Your forehead,
Its trenches go deep.
Your lips move in silent petition…
You hold out a hand.
But, Father, I am unworthy!
I’ll hurt you again…
You say, My dearest…
Do not be afraid.
Let me wash Your hands with My tears…
Your soul, with My blood.
Father, forgive me!
I fall into His embrace
My tears pool with His…
As I am flooded with His grace.
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I am lost in a maze
From which I can't escape.
Falsehood is its name
And Evil is its shape.
Subjectivism cleaves
My road into two,
Between left and right
I now have to choose.
The market of ideas—
People sell their wares:
At the price of lonely truth,
Many heresies to share.
There is a hidden battle,
A conceptual war:
Where words are soldiers,
Bearing connotations as swords.
There is an inversion
Of all that is right
A disgusting perversion
From which I retract in fright.
I thought I'd found a ground
That would always be firm,
Only to find my dogmatism
Was not what I had learned.
It had paraded around
In the garb of objectivity,
Deceptively concealing
Its foul degeneracy.
I drank a toxic cocktail,
Of truth and lies
I lost my discernment,
Became spiritually blind.
Persuaded by authority
To humbly partake
Of their generosities:
Gifts—but all fake.
Theologians said
I should submit and kneel
To Satan in the doctrines
They worshiped with zeal.
In this quagmire of confusion,
I turn to
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My heart is lonely,
My sadness, deep,
Wish I had someone
To hold and keep.
Nothing feels sure,
Nothing feels right,
An uphill battle,
That I must fight.
Despair envelops me,
Hope defies me,
I wish someone strong
Could break my chains.
I try to love
I try to pray
Where is God,
This dark, dark day?
Your eyes offer a comfort
That I have rarely received
Maybe you'll be the one
Who'll hold me when I grieve?
I look to Jesus,
With pleading eyes—
Please, let it be him,
I can no longer survive.
He sadly shakes His head,
And asks me to wait.
He has a better plan.
But I'm scared it'll be too late.
So I encourage him,
Yet I feel great pain,
For it can never be,
We're just not the same.
I pursue his affection,
His words have the power
Of life or death:
As a slave, I cower.
When he misunderstands me,
I am nothing.
When he praises me,
I can stand tall.
But when I am lost,
In such joyous moments,
I lose sight of the Cross
And life's true purpose.
I begin to realise,
That my love is not true,
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A speechless defendant I stand,
No words can lift my sentence.
I am powerless to say anything,
That can take away the pain.
I wanted to know you
As a friend knows a friend
To be honest in our weaknesses,
To encourage and defend.
I looked at you and gave
A smile that could be shared
Only to retreat and cower
Beneath your judging stare.
I'm not worthy of you,
Your praise or your esteem.
I am ever below you,
No matter how good I try be.
Why must this relationship be
A court case forever?
You the judge, me the accused
All attempts at unity you sever.
Why must this be the order of the world?
Is it because you are a man, and I, a mere girl?
Why must I ever be, the simple and proud?
Is it because I am open, honest and loud?
Although I attempt to please you,
Before I can even try,
You are there, already, to say
That I'm disqualified.
You are better than me
In more ways than one
I know you are good
Work diligently, and hard.
But you do not value me,
The way I value you.
You do not love m
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Life's Dusk
Life's Dusk
A serenity slowly overshadows the land,
As death creeps over the dying.
A hushed silence, dewless and dry—
Like the countenance of mourning, run out of tears.
Wispy, angel-spun gold crowns a kingdom of clouds;
Light slipping behind the horizon, beckoning…
Follow me, leave this dark for an eternal day.
You have but to run after my rays, walk my westward path through the sky.
What sublime reality does that world-edge conceal?
Where does the sun sleep when night torments me?
Lengthening shadows measure my months and years.
This no longer resembles the sunrise of youth,
Nor the reflection of the midday sun on age-ripened wisdom.
There is now consolation in the impenetrable dark of an afternoon forest—
For it tells me, by its contrast, that 'day' is but mortal
And so must be, therefore, the reality that it hosts.
Both will die, the veneer shatter
And I will see true day, as it is beyond these fragile hemispheres of black and blue glass
Dusk will cloak the lying pretender, day
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Does it Matter
Does it matter that they don't understand you
If God knows your every thought?
Does it matter what they feel you are
When you know you are not?
Does it matter that they think you evil,
When you are making Jesus smile?
And does it matter that they hate you,
When He loves you all the while?
Does it matter that they see only black
On your sinful soul?
When you know that, with God's grace
You become white and whole?
Does it matter that they think you ungrateful,
When indeed you are unworthy.
Yet God gave you those gifts,
In full knowledge that you are undeserving.
Does it matter how much pain they inflict
When you have the ointment of God's peace?
And does it matter what prisons they put you in
When your soul has been released?
Does it matter when they undervalue you,
When they pretend you aren't there?
When God holds you in His hands
With the utmost love and care?
Does it matter what they say
With cruel lashes of the tongue,
When God told me I'm beautiful,
It's His princess that they shun
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Unholy Anger
Unholy Anger
Name always uttered
With utmost love…
Lord, I am upset
And strike out at all
That is dear to me.
Including You.
It feels like You
Are far away,
My soul despairs
Of Your love.
My faith is so weak
A thread on which
My life hangs.
For when it breaks
I will break
And fall to a
Godless darkness,
A nothingness.
I cannot love.
My heart is empty.
I lower a bucket
Into a once-filled soul
Hoping to find water
For other thirsty hearts.
My bucket ascends
Filled with the mud
Of impurity and sin.
I am a useless well.
I shout at You:
You, my only love!
I ignore You:
You, my only comfort!
I spit on the One
Who washed my tear-stained
Spat-upon face
Held my hand,
Helped me stand.
Why should I turn
Against You?
Why should I
Curse and hate You?
My love of You
Does not sustain me.
I hope in a peace
That again fails me.
Your grace is abundant
And rains down upon me.
I see it.  I hear it.
And yet my soul is a desert
My heart shrivels and dies
:iconveraicon:VeraIcon 1 2
Two Loves
Two Loves
Kneel down before You
Grip the altar rail
Try to focus on You
All to no avail.
Tightly clench my hands,
In false and empty prayer
Gaze at my crossed fingers,
Imagine a ring there.
I reflect on Your love,
See Your loving face…
Then desert Your arms,
For thoughts of his embrace.
Try to listen with my heart
In silence talk to You.
His voice perturbs the quiet
I no longer hear You.
Read of You in the Bible:
My eyes wander,
And fix upon him:
His love, instead, I ponder.
My heart is divided
Hear its cry, o Lord!
Where You once resided
I've placed an idol, Lord.
You're my Eternal Love,
The delight of my soul,
You make me complete,
In You my heart is whole.
There is but one love
There is but Your love.
You are the mountain
From which the spring of love flows.
For love of You,
I'll love Your children
For love of You
I love this generation.
And for love of You,
I'll love this man
I see You in him,
When he holds my hand.
All of his love
Comes from You,
I now have but one love,
No longer
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Blue Hope
Blue Hope
In lands torn,
In hearts divided
A blood red dawn
Of hate resided.
A Godless darkness
Lighted by eerie flame
A fearful brightness
Of red sin and shame.
Hungry fire of fiery hate,
Swallows all things good.
Tears of empathy evaporate,
Charity burns like wood.
Red blood of the innocent
Pools with steaming magma
From the violent eruptions
Of disaccord and anger.
Fire begets ashes
Hate begets death.
Desolate grey ruins
Of charcoal souls.
Pain, an inflammation
Of the sorrowing heart.
Red as the hot lashes
That scourged it apart.
Scourges from the tongue
Corrosive lick of hate,
Are words steeped in spite
Curses inciting fate.
What can extinguish
This hell-bred flame?
When will it relinquish
Its hot red grip again?
Love kills hate
Water kills fire
Blue kills the red
Of evil desire.
A spark of hope exists,
In blue it resides,
The blue of innocence,
A child's eyes.
As pristine lakes
Reflect the sky
Purity glistens blue
In a teenager's eye.
A loving word
Is a gentle stream
With blue cur
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The Choice
The Choice
Dear God…
My heart is divided.
Slave to a master
I do not wish to serve.
Here the road diverges,
Here I must decide
Against the world, sinful urges.
In You I must reside.
Dear God…
Sever my worldly dependencies
That bind me to evil,
Entwine in their loose strands
My doubt, my fear.
Cast them into the deep sea
Of Your mercy
That my soul may be freed.
Dear God…
Two paths.  One way.
Many lies.  One truth.
One choice to choose:
I want it to be Your hope
I want it to be Your light
I want it to be Your love
I want it to be You.
Dear God…
I am weak.
Give me strength,
Sustaining hope I seek,
Along this journey's length.
I have faltered again,
Fallen in this mire.
Please Jesus, carry me
Ignite in me Your fire.
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Girl, get a grip
This life is slippin' fast
Like sand through your fingers
Despite your tight grasp.
Girl, get a life
Steal back the personhood
That you sold for popularity
Exchanged for fleeting fame.
Girl, get a heart
Why'd you give it away?
None of those guys
Deserved it anyway.
Girl, get a soul
Why'd you immerse it
And your spiritual pain
In useless worldly gain?
Girl, get a self
Own it, then give it to God.
Don't market it,
Or put it on display.
Look in the mirror, girl, what do you see?
Your life's no longer beautiful, that person's no longer me.
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A Prayer
My Only Love
One day
I will meet a man
A kindred spirit
Friend to my soul
Love of my heart.
But now I love You.
One day
He will take me
In his arms
Hold me close
Call me his own.
But now I am Yours.
One day
In bridal white
Before Your altar
Cool kiss of gold
Slides down my finger.
But now they are clasped in prayer.
For You are my soul's delight,
You are the love of my life
Now and forever.
I ask You, dear God:
To protect my heart
To lock it safe away
To lead me to the one
With the key.
I pray to You, dear God:
To give me the patience
To give me the faith
To give me the hope
To love You with the love
Of a single soul.
But when that day comes, Lord
May You be the centre of our union,
Our lives.
May You show us how to serve you
As two, yet one.
:iconveraicon:VeraIcon 2 1


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In Starlight
To search for answers in the sky
To gaze the stars and wonder why
As if my soul could climb, could fly
Up to the clouds above.
To ask and wait so answer-less
To wade about in earthly mess
Where all I seek is Heaven's rest
And heavenly, to love.
To lie in wait beneath the sun
From day that starts to day that's done
To feel alone- the only one
Is something I could prove.
So find me where I rest so long
And sing to me of Heaven's song
Beneath this sky I sense no wrong
'Neath stars that blink and move.
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Unashamed Love
The trees were rustling in the wind, all else was silent in the night. At least, all but the muffled cry of a little girl. She wore a filthy, ragged dress; once white, now brown. Her face was covered in grime and scratches. Bruises ran up and down her arms and legs. She wore no shoes. Her tears were streaming down her swollen red face.
She sat beneath an old oak tree that reached out above her, covering her with its protective branches. The wind suddenly blew a gentle breeze over the weeping girl, who looked into it, feeling its comforting touch. Gently, it wiped the tears from her face. She raised her head then, looking into the sky, feeling the warmth of the now rising sun shining upon her face. After some moments, she dropped her head and allowed the tears to flow once again.
"What ails you, my daughter?" Thunder roared out the words, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. At hearing this, the girl seemed to shrink inside herself.
"Nothing, Father. Nothing ails me
:iconmaryannbubna:MaryAnnBubna 12 4



Veronica Doig
Current Residence: Brisbane
Favourite genre of music: anything that sounds nice
Favourite photographer: Hmmm....
Favourite style of art: My favourite styles are those that appeal to me.
Operating System: What's an operating system?
MP3 player of choice: All I know is that I have a little white one.
Shell of choice: I am neither a snail nor a mollusk.
Wallpaper of choice: Never had wallpaper. (If this is computer jargon...I'm completey lost).
Skin of choice: Are we talking skin skin or some other skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Don't have one.
Personal Quote: "Come to Me, all you who labour and are burdened." --Jesus
I realized that it had been almost 3 years since I updated my DeviantArt Journal, and thought I might aquaint people with my 19-going-on-20 year old self, rather than my 16-going-on-17 year old self.  The latter girl was, of course, worthwhile knowing ;), but her life isn't that interesting now that it is static, embedded in the past.

I've written a lot of poems since then, as you can tell.  Maturity comes slowly, unfortunately, and many of them still display the restlnessness and angst of a teenager.  Lately I have been getting embarassed by that, mainly because I feel I'm changing, and want to communicate truths more serious than the emotional truths of a teenager.  Of course, the world of teenage experience is a very real one, and worthy of attention and explication.  But it is slowly ceasing to be MY world.  It's not just some age-dependent thing ("I'm turning 20 soon so I'd better start changing").  The deeper changes in me are always organic, it feels almost like God calls them forth from my soul.  A beautiful gift, a fresh new worldview, that He fashions for me every once and a while :).  

This year so far has been a difficult one, but I think because I have been keeping a personal journal, I didn't feel the need so much to use poetry.  Another reason is that I didn't think my experiences were worthy of being indulged and inscribed in a poem.  I don't like writing about negative things so much anymore, because I am ashamed of lacking hope and joy.  I want to be joy and sunshine to can I be that when I am grieving inside?  I'm not sure yet.  There must be some way of merging authenticity with joy: I want to be honest in my experience of hopelessness, without it consuming me, and thereby those around me.  But I haven't discovered how yet.


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